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Uncle Dick hospitalized:

June called this morning and said that she took Uncle Dick to the St. Cloud hospital last night. Suspect heart problems but will run tests today to confirm.

Hospital phone number: 320-251-2700

Rm. No. North 228

Re: Uncle Dick hospitalized:

Just talked to Candy. Dick had two stints inserted today and is still under
the sedation. Candy say not to call or visit until he is recovered. She will call
with an update in the morning. She sent June home to rest as she can't drive
well at night and needed the rest.

Prayers needed. GRGC

Re: Uncle Dick hospitalized:

Candy called last night. Dick is awake and doing okay. The first thing he wanted to
talk about was football.

The phone is connected to his room now. Visitors are welcome.

We are going up to see him today.

Re: Uncle Dick hospitalized:

Yesterday afternoon Carol and I and Mark and Lavonne Cooper traveled to St Cloud
and visited Dick. We found him sitting up in a chair and in very good spirits. Candy
and Bruce and their family were there as well as June. We had a really nice visit.

They want to do one more stint but are waiting for him to heal up a little prior to doing
it. Meanwhile if you want to call or visit, feel free. 9BCW

Re: Uncle Dick hospitalized:

Got this from Candy yesterday:Y6XU

Coop has had the second procedure on his heart they had to do more than was expected
so now he has 4 stints in his heart. He seems to be doing well and will be in Monticello hospital swing bed rehab. I will email you when I get an address.

Re: Uncle Dick hospitalized:

That wasn't from Candy that was from me .

Anyway, Coop is now in Monticello Hospital rm.222 for rehab.

The Address is1013Hart Boulevard
Monticello, Mn. 55302

Have A good day.