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Mark Cooper

Lavonne called tonight to tell us that Mark Cooper had a stroke this afternoon. She said
it appears that he is already recovering from the effects and is hoping he will
be okay.

He is in Mercy hospital room 386, but she is hoping he will be released by
Tuesday. As we all hope.

Re: Mark Cooper

Mark has been transferred to Abbott Northwestern Hospital – Sister Kenny Rehab unit today. He is in room 2334 bed 2 and his direct phone is 612-863-2239. The address is 800 East 28th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55407. Mark is recovering quickly. His doctor recommended a short term intensive rehab so, if all goes according to plan, Mark could be home in 4-5 days.

Please let the family know. Lavonn

Re: Mark Cooper

Went to visit Mark last night in Abbot Northwestern. He was sitting up in bed wearing
street clothes watching tv. He appeared in good spirits and we stayed about an hour and
had a lot of laughs. Same old Mark by my standards.

He had a full day of therapy scheduled for today and I suppose for several days to come.
He says he has full use of his body but is still a little clumsy. They say he is recovering
well and may fully recover from the stroke.

If you go visit, go in the evening. They really have him busy during the day.