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Couple seeking narrowboat on contin
My partner and I and our dog are looking for a narrowboat to rent long term.
Anywhere around London / Oxfordshire or anywhere in between!
We are hoping to buy our own eventually but looking to rent for the time being!
We would be much happier on a CC licence as we enjoy the lifestyle!
We used to own a GRP cruiser but it wasn't big enough or suitable for our needs.

We would love it if anyone has a boat, or has a tenancy expiring soon, to contact us please as we are very interested and hopeful that we can rent one long term!

Thanks in advance

Posted: Mon, 20 May. 2019
Expires: Mon, 18 May. 2020
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Cruising boat wanted for long term

Retired Brits, resident in Canada, nautical and marine eng. backgrounds, experienced narrowboat handlers (1500+ miles cruised). Non-smokers, seek comfortable boat to cruise (58’ max, 2 + 2 occasional berth (optional), central heating + solid fuel stove), ideally for Mid Oct for 6 weeks '19 and/or between March - June ’20 (3 months). Any location England/Wales. References available.

Posted: Sun, 14 Apr. 2019
Expires: Sun, 12 Apr. 2020
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Looking For Longterm Boat To Rent

I’m looking into a long term rental for just myself as the sole occupant.
I’m a professional in full time employment, currently working in Leeds and living in Ilkley. I’m pretty flexible as to anywhere in that area. Please contact me by email

Posted: Thu, 11 Apr. 2019
Expires: Thu, 9 Apr. 2020
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Longterm live aboard boat wanted
I am looking for a long term liveaboard boat to locate in the Newbury (Berks) area.
I don't need to move the boat. My aim is to gain experience and learning how to live aboard permanently.

It would be just for myself as a sole tenant, but of course I would like to be able to put up visitors.


Posted: Sat, 6 Apr. 2019
Expires: Sat, 4 Apr. 2020
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Long term rental required - Berkshi
My partner and I are looking to rent a boat for at least 2 years, more likely longer. We need to be moored as we both work so we are looking in Berkshire/Buckinghamshire areas preferably. We have two small dogs.
Boat size is not an issue but two bedrooms would be preferable.
Kate and Glynn

Posted: Sat, 9 Mar. 2019
Expires: Sat, 7 Mar. 2020
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Long term rental in Leeds, Lancashi
I’m considering buying a live aboard in the future but as I have only spent a week here and there on a boat I think the sensible option is for me to look into a long term rental first so I can experience it properly in all weathers ect before I make the investment.
I’m a professional in full time employment and have the funds to pay a decent deposit n advance. I would also be open to the idea of renting to buy if that was an option.
I currently live in Chorley but my work is based from Manchester and Leeds airports so I’m pretty flexible as to anywhere in that area.
I’m hoping maybe someone can help or point me in the right direction 😊

Posted: Wed, 6 Feb. 2019
Expires: Wed, 5 Feb. 2020
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Young professional couple looking t
Hello there, my partner and I are looking for a boat to rent this year! We are based in Buckinghamshire but are both mobile and able to drive for viewings and picking up! We are both young professionals looking for a sustainable way to live and build our careers up! Narrowboats preferred, rental charge negotiable of course!

Posted: Sun, 28 Oct. 2018
Expires: Sun, 27 Oct. 2019
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Looking for a 2 bed Houseboat to re
Hi I am looking for a two bed houseboat to live on with my son at a mooring in Lechlade. References and deposit available.


Posted: Wed, 17 Oct. 2018
Expires: Wed, 16 Oct. 2019
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My name is Bogdan and together with my brother Pavel are searching for a few months stay near London.

We grew up on the border of the Danube, in Romania. As children and teenagers we have probably spent more time on a boat than in a bed, therefore a narrowboat is the obvious first choice for us.
By the month of April we will be eligible for a loan, so we will buy our own.

When it comes to introducing myself, the only thing that comes to my mind is this: It gives you an idea of my previous projects and you can find some videos of me and my work.
My brother doesn't have an Internet presence, but he is a very nice, hard working and dependable young man. (well... young compared to me :)

We both hope you will consider us as tenants of your boat for at least 6 months, starting the beginning November.
If you would like to know more about us, please don't hesitate to ask. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Thank you in advance for your answer and
we wish you a wonderful day!

Bogdan & Pavel

Posted: Thu, 4 Oct. 2018
Expires: Thu, 3 Oct. 2019
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